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Money Strategies

Legacy Planning

What and how much do you want to leave behind to create a legacy for your family. Here we discuss the what if’s in life, and what is important to you and your family.

Retirement Income 

Have you give any thought of the amount of income you like to have during your golden years? Yes retirement? Here we look at things beyond what everyone thinks about. We look at how inflation, and taxes, and additional expenses in your golden years, could you living a life style you never planned on.

Pre Pay Mortgage

How do you pay off your home in the most efficient way without giving up control of you hard earned money. There many different way we can help you get this done, beside just exchange your hard earn money for a number on a statement. 

Family Limited Partnerships

What is the most efficient way to reduce the amount of tax that would be due to the IRS. Having the proper document & financial products will help reduce the amount of money you give away to the government.

Compound Interest 

Here we help you understand the true cost of compounding your money, but in a non-qualified plan, and qualified plans as well. We typically get why have they not taught us this in school?

Divided Income

Here we discuss the difference in compound, and netting of a specific account that provides you dividend income on a yearly basis.

Qualified Plan

How do qualified plan work besides just the company match? We will use your own numbers to identify if you have a non-efficient asset. 

College funding not using Traditional 529 Savings Plan

You will not get the traditional college America savings plan here.  What if we created a money strategy where another financial institution pay for most of the education expense. 

infinite Banking

This is a very powerful concept if used correctly. If you chose to use this as a strategy, PLEASE make sure you are working with a properly mentored and training financial professional. If not done correctly it will do more harm than good.

Qualified plan 72-(T)(2)(A)

Many Americans do not understand the IRS tax code 72-(T)(2)(A). In this money strategy we discuss many different things when it comes to IRA and the accumulation of money. 

Cash Value Life Insurance 

Most people think about life insurance as a debt. Here we will provide you with ALL the information so you can decide how much, and what kind is right for you. Far beyond just the term and whole life.

Velocity of Money

Money at rest stays at rest. Money in motion, will stay in motion. Understanding the rules of the financial institutions will assist you in better know how the velocity of money works for them, and not you.  Think of it this way. If you are going to play a game? Would you have a better chance of winning the game in you knew what the rules were?  When was the last time you said to yourself, I wish I could go back and do it over?   HUMMMMM

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