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Gerry Linarducci Why Real People Need To Be Financially Ready


Helping to open the path for those locked and lost inside a forever changing society terrorized by an uncertain financial future.

Podcast Interview with Music Matters

Music Matters host Darrell Craig Harris has a fun and informative video chat with financial advisor/coach Gerry Linarducci from his home near Indianapolis! Gerry works with several well-known music, sports, and creatives, helping them to develop sound financial plans!

Podcast Interview with Like It's Live

00:00 / 33:49

Gerry Linarducci joins Arroe Collins, host of the Like It's Live Podcast, to discuss his book Creating Efficient Financial Wealth. 

Radio Interview with Rob Kendall

00:00 / 12:59

Gerry Linarducci joins Rob Kendall, host of the Rob Kendall Show on 93.1 FM WIBC to discuss his book Creating Efficient Financial Wealth and cryptocurrency. 

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